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24/7 Wasp control Belfast

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Call for Wasp Control In Belfast

 Wasp Control Belfast 

Professional Wasp Control Services for Commercial Establishments in Belfast


we provide expert commercial pest control services tailored to your food premises, ensuring compliance with HACCP principles and Food Safety Laws. Our commitment to delivering top-quality pest control is unmatched, with a focus on excellence and adherence to BRC Auditing standards.


Why Choose Us?


Local Expertise: Our team of expertly trained technicians is dedicated to serving your local community.


Efficient Billing: We offer paperless billing for your convenience.


Quality Assurance: We go above and beyond to meet HACCP compliance, surpassing BRC Auditors' expectations.


Streamlined Processes: We utilize electronic forms for efficient service delivery.


Regular Inspections: Independent quality control visits and actual photographs of our technicians' visits ensure the highest standards.


Direct Access: Connect with our technicians directly, without going through an office receptionist.


24/7 Pest Monitoring: Our Rapid Electronic Detection (REDS) pest monitoring system provides continuous reassurance.


Competitive Pricing: Our services are reasonably priced, with transparent communication of all costs.


Statutory Compliance: All work is carried out in accordance with statutory requirements and BRC Auditing standards.


Belfast Wasp Control is your trusted partner in addressing pest issues in homes and businesses across Belfast. Our highly trained and qualified pest technicians conduct thorough inspections, recommending tailored solutions to prevent recurring problems. We prioritise transparency in pricing, ensuring clear communication of all costs before job completion. Our pest control Belfast technicians adhere to industry standards and undergo continuous professional development to provide exceptional customer service and effective solutions. During the initial visit, customers are informed about the expected number of visits needed for issue resolution. Additionally, we offer 24/7 Rapid Electronic Detection (REDS) pest monitoring for added peace of mind.


Unique Features:


Paperless eBilling

Protecting Your Family and Environment

Expert Staff

Local Pest Control Services

Environmental Health & BRC Compliance

Specialising in:



House Fly, Cluster Fly, Horse Fly, Bluebottles, Fruit Fly, Filter Fly, and Crane Fly

Spiders, Fleas, Woodlice, Silver Fish, Plaster Beetle, Ground Beetles

Ants, Bedbugs, Mice & Rats Control



Local Wasp Control Belfast

Rats and Mice gnaw through wire, wood, soft concrete, plastic, and even mild steel. To avoid rodents causing extensive damage to your home, call us now!

Just like most people, we understand and respect that you might have a phobia of mice or rats residing in your home. Don’t be alarmed they will not touch humans. Take the stress and worry out of it, leave it up to us to deal with the issue.

 If you see a rat or a mouse in your home or business property, it’s unlikely to be alone. Rats can cause damage, spread disease, and breed quickly. Act Fast!

​How do I know if I have a rat problem?

​Rats usually come out at night, so it’s unlikely you’ll see them during the day. Even so, there are a number of ways to know if you have rats in your home or business:

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